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We develop the adequate solution for your projects

PTC Goup

To be able to garantee an excellent service, PTC Engineering alies a team of qualified and experienced professionals to the most advanced technology.

We work on the development of thermoplastic aesthetic, technical and structural parts.

From the concept idealization of the product, going through the modelling until the phisical conception, every part is developed and tested, using last generation technology. We ensure the optimization of the process, increasing time and decreasing costs.

What we do?

  • Product Development
  • Product Design e styling
  • Automotive Design
  • 2D/3D CAD Model
  • CAE Simulation Studies
  • Rheological Studies

2D/3D CAD Model

Softwares used for development:
- Catia;
- Top Solid
- UG-NX;
- Cadmould

Feasibility Studies

Allow us to preview technical, functional and financial aspects, of the several processes of the product and tooling development.

CAE Studies

Through CADMOULD Software, we execute Rheological Studies whose results are very close to reality.

Besides studying Filling Flow 1k e 2k, it allow us to study cooling behavior, warpage, contractions, among other aspects.

To be able to perform precise structural studies, PTC established a strong relationship with Tech Centers and Universities, such as FEUP and INEGI.

PTC Goup

To develop the best products, we use the best tools

PTC Goup

We make Soft Tooling and Polimerical Fast Prototyping, being able to give a fast and efficient response to our clients.

On Fast Prototyping we simulate diferent kind of materials:
- Prototype parts in SLS and SLA
- Mock-ups
- Master Models
- Machined Resins


On Soft Tooling we present two kinds of tools:
- Soft Tooling
- Aluminum Soft Tooling
- Steel Tools for small series production.

- Silicone Molds
- Epoxy Resin with aluminum molds

PTC Goup

We shape your world

PTC Goup

We work on the concept, production and delivery on technical molds, according to client's specifications of the parts to produce.

What we do?

  • Tooling Project
  • Tooling Production
  • Metrology
  • Quality Control

Tooling Project

We’re able to design and manage 2D e 3D projects.

Process Engineering

Supported on product, tool and process development, PTC Group has the ability to supply turn-key solutions, from A to Z.

What we do?

- Process Analysis
- Process Development
- Assembly Lines
- Dedicated Assembly Units
- Special Tools
- Gauges

Tooling Manufactury

Our production department is formed by a team that covers a great knowledge and know-how in the mould sector. The coordination and communication between the different sectors, reconciled to the flexibility and dynamics of our team, results in a final product with rigour and quality, using the most efficient methods, allows us to keep the prices competitive in a short time.

All the pieces we manufacture are carefully controlled at all stages of production through Progress reports and digital photographs, which allows our customers to monitor and follow the development of the work in a quick way.
The group has the capacity to produce moulds with maximum dimensions of 2000X2000X1000 mm and weight up to 30 tonnes/moulds.

Checking Features

PTC Group team is able to produce different types of devices with several degrees of complexity and applications:
- Verify products in line;
- Measuring supports;
- Soldering metallic subsets.

Project Management

PTC Group follows a project since the idea to the final part
Our Project Managers look out for the needs of each client, monitoring rigorously every process, granting the fulfillment of every requirement.

PTC Goup

The most qualified professionals at your service

PTC Goup

Through an efficient HR, we're able to identify the real needs of our clients, in order to find the most adequate profiles.

We offer specialized manpower for several working sectors:

  • Tooling Designer
  • CAD Designer
  • Product and Tooling Engineer
  • Project Manager
PTC Goup

The best softwares create hardwares in excellency

PTC Goup

We represent advanced technology, able to develop the best solutions to our clients needs, in an efficient and optimized way.

Besides the internal use, PTC also represents these softwares, being also their resellers.

Think3 - 3D/CAD Modeling
3DEvolution - File Reading and Conversion
Kisters 3D ViewStation - Visualization, measuring, analyzing and manipulating 3D and 2D projects.

PTC Goup

We believe we can make the difference training the professionals of the future

PTC Goup

Our experience and knowledge allows to train and specialize our professionals, continuously.

We offer specialized education in:

  • Tooling Engineer
  • Product Development and Design
  • Automotive Design
  • 2D e 3D CAD Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Consulting

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