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Through an efficient HR, we're able to identify the real needs of our clients, in order to find the most adequate profiles.

Business Models

ONSHORE (activities performed in the same country of the client):
• Client facilities
• Local management by client
• Expat PTC Group team at client’s
• Cost=Ner. elements of the team x Expatriation Cost

OFFSHORE (activities performed on a foreign country):
• PTC Group facilities
• PTC Group local team
• Cost= Ner. elements of the team x Local Costs

NEARSHORE (activities performed on PTC Group facilities, with an Expat Manager):
• PTC Group facilities
• Expat client Manager at PTC Group
• PTC Group local team
• Cost = 1 Expat client Manager

• Specialized recruitment
• Direct hiring with client
• Cost = 1 single placement fee

PTC Goup

& Project

PTC Goup

To be able to garantee an excellent service, PTC Group alies a team of qualified and experienced professionals to the most advanced technology.

Developing the Future

On the reality of today, it’s important to have a digital and innovative Mind-set when defining strategies for new services and products development.

PTC Group cross-functional team can support its clients in the complete life cycle of a project.

Ensuring technical, economic an environmental convergence, PTC Group developed expertise in R&D, D&D, Project Management, Product and Process, allowing to offer turnkey solutions either in-house or remotely.

Project Management

PTC Group aims to provide its customers the best project management service by striving to find the most efficient and competitive solutions.

Being able to support the client from idea to serial production, PTC Group Project Management Team is attentive to the details and requirements of each project, maintaining a rigorous control of the whole process.



2D/3D – CAD Design

Softwares’ used:

  • Catia;
  • NX UG
  • Ideas
  • Alias
  • Icem
  • Creo

Feasibility Studies

These allow the preview of technical, functional and economical aspects from several processes of product and tooling development.

CAE Simulations

Through CADMOULD Software, PTC Group is able to perform 1K and 2K Rheological studies. From filling and cooling behavior to warpage and shrinkage, the results given are very close to reality




There are several advantages on Simulations. They allow us to estimate Feasibility of Production, optimize Tool Budgets, Process Planning, Contour conditions and Material variations or Geometry.

Using Autoform Software, out team is able to:

  • Improve the quality of Dies and Parts;
  • Perform Feasibility Studies (wrinkle and split analysis) made in an early stage to prevent failure of the part geometry;
  • Generate compensated geometry (mainly useful for HSAL steel and Aluminum) for minimum loops in production.


Our team develops, designs and performs all the necessary studies for the execution of the final product, taking in consideration client requirements and expectations.


Our experienced and qualified employees assemble and adjust single components to create high-quality and complex tools.

We’re also able to make final approval (PPAP) at client’s plant.


All our tools are tested in our mechanical presses under similar working conditions to those that will be used during serial production.

Weak spots are identified and eliminated, so that the client receives the tool ready for serial production, making the period for adjustment on client site kept to the minimum.


We design and produce small to medium series, beng sampling or definitive dies, stamp in hydraulic or mechanical press and 3D laser cut.

We manage the material purchasing, transportation and other necessary operations (welding, painting, clinching, big assemblies of parts).

We can offer the following prototype services:

  • 3D print in ABS (1 unit);
  • Prototype and pre series in final material (up to 500 units);
  • Small to medium series (up to 20 000 units).


In our ERP system we make work preparation, planning, cost calculation, etc.

Our team is frequently in training courses to keep up with innovative technologies and state-of-art on tooling.

To produce our dies we’re equipped with most up-to-date machinery such as 5 axis machining, WEDM, fast drilling, etc.


Our metrology department is equipped with a modern CMM and a Faro Laser Scan system, to evaluate samples’ dimensional compliance, to prove the capability and stability of the process with the support of statistical methods and finally to issue the necessary reports and certificates according to a NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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